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ReCap mini mason jar shaker tops - Black

ReCap mini mason jar shaker tops - Black

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Why we love it: Transform your mini Mason jars into the perfect multi-purpose shakers! These tops are ideal for shaking and scooping out salt & pepper, herbs & spices, sprinkles, glitter, and more!

Each pack has four lids. Lids come only in black. 

*Lids only fit on Ball Mini Jars*

Store your spices the right way

Did you know Dried Herbs and Ground Spices can last up to 3 years when stored properly? While your ground Sage may not go rancid or grow mold before next thanksgiving it may lose the potency of its flavor if it's not properly stored. 

We recommend storing your herbs and spices in a cool dark area (away from your stove or oven), free from humidity, try to keep it around 70 degrees Fahrenheit.