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Recap mason jar shaker inserts

Recap mason jar shaker inserts

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Why we love it: 

 Turn your reCAP® FLIP mason jar lids into a multi-purpose shaker with optional mason jar accessories, including three screen attachments that allow for fine or coarse items. Parmesan Cheese, Dried herbs, colored sprinkles, or much more. 

reCAP Mason jar shaker inserts are a must-have in any household. Combined with traditional Mason jars, create an eco-friendly alternative to plastic infuser bottles, single-use spice jars, or more when using our reCAP Lids

Our lids are lab-certified:

• BPA Free
• Freezer Safe
• Made in the USA
• Stain Resistant
• Top Shelf Dishwasher Safe
The reCAP Shaker Inserts work perfectly with the POUR CARRY Lid (Both wide and regular mouth) and the reCAP FLIP Lid. Shaker Inserts will not work with the classic reCAP POUR lid.